Inverted Nipple

Nipple has two important roles in a female. As much as it is sensory to the sexuality of the female, it is the vehicle of transport of the breast milk to the hungry infant. Understanding inverted nipple associated with an underlying pathology needs correction of the underlying condition. In idiopathic cases initially different operations were described. All operations of correction of this condition caused so much scarring, that it interfered with lactation.

 While I was in training, my Consultant Mike Gipson gave us the idea that this could be corrected by a constant   v acuum suction and made an ingenuous device with a syringe to achieve this. Later on my colleague Douglas McGeorge marketed it as a commercial device called ‘Nipellete'.

 Though most of these are curable by Nipellete alone , still in severe refractory cases surgery might be the only alternative.


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